The Daily Targum Marketing Manual 2011-2012


Marketing Kit Cover • Letterpressed on 110# Lettra

So we just wrapped up a job for The Daily Targum. It was their 2011-2012 Marketing Kit. For the letterpress covers we used a polymer plate chopped up for a 3 part job. We used 2 Colors, Black Diamond & Pantone 185 (Rutgers Official spot color) and a single raw impression for the border. We ended up using some Finch paper and our hi res color office printer to print the inside pages, which we collated, stapled and glued by hand. We didn’t mind the ride over to Walk-In Papers in East Hanover to pick up some oversized card stock… especially since we accidentally happened upon one of our other passions. TRAINS! The Whippany Rail Museum made the 2 hour round trip journey totally worth it. We got to explore some out of service passenger cars as well… and the typography around the place was tremendous.

After the minor pit stop we got back to the trusty old Miehle V50, took care of the make-ready and got back to inking up some polymer. First we locked up the border.

After laying some Pantone 185 on the ink plate, we were ready to print the middle banner. Man it looked spooky in there!

Finally the Black Diamond for the Doodads & Bits. And of course the type. Registration was surprisingly easy.

Printing went swell, and we got a cool dose of some 70s funky disco as a bonus. It’s easy to forget that your working when you’re having fun… until clean up time. But as they say in the print shop “If you don’t have time to clean, you don’t have time to print!”

After the thrill of printing we got to scoring, folding, collating, and hand gluing the inside paste overs. It’s a bit rougher without the Mielhe humming you into peace while you’re working, still it’s always therapeutic to be just making stuff. SO we cranked on the tunes and spent the weekend assembling. First collating.

We got em stapled up, and they were ready for gluing… we got our brushes ready, and got in our most comfortable office chairs.

Add a little glue and some pressure… start putting those archive books to good use.

It’s really rewarding hand assembling books, especially when you get to pull em out from flattening out over night. Looking at them stacked up, there was a real sense of accomplishment. They came off looking really nice, and after inserting some hang-able calendars they were ready for public consumption. We were really happy with the outcome. Here is a close up on the cover. Click to Enlarge!

Now that the jobs done… I’m goin’ on break!

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